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Vistamatic, BetweenGlassBlinds and Clarity have a Presence in 48 States! Thanks to Cobalt Medical Center for making North Dakota our 48th State; we currently have over 3,000 projects in facilities across the U.S.A! Come on New Mexico/Rhode Island only you left now! Our Products are IEC60824-4 Laser Certified Vistamatic...

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At Vistamatic, BetweenGlassBlinds and Clarity, we work diligently to remain at the front of the healthcare industry and are always seeking out input from industry experts. In this article, recently published in Healthcare Design Magazine (http://bit.ly/2qJu597), penned by Scott Rawlings, director of healthcare and leader of HOK’s regional healthcare practice in Washington, D.C.,...

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At Vistamatic, we are committed to being at the forefront of privacy and observation for healthcare environments, and came across this very interesting article (http://bit.ly/2prN1IR) recently which we wanted to share. The focus is on the safety of mental health patients, staff, and visitors while proving a therapeutic and...

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As Earth Day approaches, did you know that buying American-made products are better for the environment? Current technologies allow manufacturing processes in the US to lean toward cleaner, renewable, and eco-friendly practices. If we invest in American-made products, we can be sure that we are doing our part to contribute to...

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Vistamatic and BetweenGlassBlinds Have Presence in 47 U.S. States! With a recent order for privacy glass solutions, Vistamatic and BetweenGlassBlinds now have a presence in 47 U.S. States! Those states yet to join the Vistamatic family include: North Dakota, New Mexico and Rhode Island, and we invite potential healthcare,...

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With a recent order for privacy glass solutions, Vistamatic and BetweenGlassBlinds now have a presence in 47 U.S. States! Those states yet to join the Vistamatic family include: North Dakota, New Mexico and Rhode Island, and we invite potential healthcare, education, high-security, commercial and residential customers to give us a call...

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At Vistamatic, we are continually investing in research and development while focusing on our commitment to innovation in privacy glass solutions. We recently collaborated with a science and education center to develop a 13″ x 13″ privacy panel with an anti-glare protective film to be used at their facility. This was...

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Vistamatic and BetweenGlass Blinds are delighted to be partnering with the University of Virginia (UVA; Charlottesville, Va.) Health System featured in Healthcare Design Magazine (http://bit.ly/2gaT8jE) which states: “The project is a 520,000-square-foot addition and renovation project which will feature a new emergency department, interventional platform, operating rooms, and 180-bed...

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We are delighted to once again be partnering with Healthcare Design for their Expo and Conference – November 13 – 15.  Come see us at Booth 640 during this fantastic event, which attracts over 3,600 participants and is the industry’s best-attended expo and conference. This year, we are thrilled to be launching...

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Project: Francis Crick Laboratory Client: Ruddy Joinery Architect: HOK and PLP Architecture Introduction The Francis Crick Institute is named after the British scientist Francis Crick, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, is a biomedical discovery institute dedicated to understanding the scientific mechanisms of living things. Its work is helping...

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