Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have a question for VISTAMATIC®, please feel free to fill out our Contact Us form, or simply call us at 020 8500 2200.

What is a VISTAMATIC® Vision Panel?

VISTAMATIC® Vision Panels are privacy vision panels made up of three sheets of glass sealed as a single panel with evenly spaced, alternating lines and a sleek handle to allow privacy or observation.

Where are the VISTAMATIC® Vision Panels made?

VISTAMATIC® has two manufacturing facilities located in London, UK and Florida, USA.

What is the lead time?

Our lead time on standard size products is 3-4 weeks. On bespoke items or larger orders this may vary.

How do you install it?

All VISTAMATIC® Vision Panels install like a standard sheet of glass just slightly thicker. For more fitting instructions, please visit our Downloads section to download ‘Fitting Instructions and Care Guidelines’ PDF document.

How do you care for VISTAMATIC® Vision Panels?

All VISTAMATIC® Vision Panels require very little care and maintenance once installed. For more information on cleaning guidelines, please visit our Downloads section to download our ‘Fitting Instructions and Care Guidelines’ PDF.

What is the warranty and how do I register for it?

VISTAMATIC® offers a Lifetime Warranty against faulty manufacturing. Warranty is valid once the order has been paid in full, to register please click on the lifetime warranty crest below.

If you notice any concerns with your current Vision Panel, please contact us immediately.

How does the price compare to other products on the market?

VISTAMATIC® prides itself on staying competitive and will never knowingly lose a project due to cost.

What are the payment options?

VISTAMATIC® accepts major credit cards and cheques; credit is available upon approval.

Payment terms must be agreed at time of order.

Where does VISTAMATIC® deliver?

VISTAMATIC® deliver globally. Depending on location your units will be manufactured either in the UK or the USA.

What other projects have you done?

Since VISTAMATIC® was founded over 30 years ago, our panels have been installed in over 90% of NHS hospitals in the UK, as well as countless other private and public buildings in the UK and globally.

Please visit our Projects section to view a list of notable installations that have included VISTAMATIC® products.