Another Award Win for VISTAMATIC®
Vision Panels

In the category for Service User Engagement, Vistamatic came out on top with their market-leading privacy vision panels incorporating artwork, at last weeks Design in Mental Health Awards.

Vistamatic recognise the importance of creating a therapeutic influence within a mental health environment, incorporating colour & bespoke graphics into the vision panels creates an aesthetically pleasing internal environment, all within a safe, ligature-free surrounding. Vistamatic Anti-Ligature vision panels offer a combination of high integrity glazing whilst incorporating a stainless steel frame and anti-ligature device specifically designed to enhance the service user experience, ensuring safe and secure observation.

This product was initially developed without art to respect the modesty, privacy and dignity and enhance the safety and security of mental health and dementia patients in bedroom areas. This high performance vision panel is strong, anti-ligature, scratch-resistant and prevents the passing of contraband.

Colour and individual bespoke graphics can make the world of difference to a project be they of a novel or commercial nature and can play a part in creating an exciting or calming influence within an environment. Vistamatic pride themselves on their effective approach to interior design and have worked with several leading Architects in the field of Dementia and Mental Health design about incorporating art within a building’s design in order to improve the overall environment.

A patient’s perception of internal perimeters is that of an obvious custodial boundary, something unmistakably institutional and a constant reminder that they are living in a secure environment. Vistamatic realised that by adding art to their vision panels they could soften the physical appearance of the doors whilst significantly enhancing the internal patient environment.

Any image deemed appropriate can be used, be it specified by the healthcare provider, architect or end users themselves. If the latter option is selected it creates an opportunity to empower service users to engage and take ownership of the building and indeed their own environment.

Vistamatic vision panels demonstrate innovation within their field & sets a precedent for the design of future environments. They respect the privacy & dignity of patients while creating a welcoming environment that lifts the spirits of the end user. They create an inspirational sense of place whilst addressing infection control, patient safety & security.