• Banks, airports, retail and commercial establishments can benefit from the installation of Vistamatic® glazed secure vision panels.

    With the introduction of a Vistamatic® vision panel staff can passively monitor situations within a private area or room. Members of staff within a room can also obtain clear views to an outside area to control access.

    Vistamatic® combines innovation with British manufacturing to provide a unique glazing product that can be made according to specification.

    The perfect solution for discreet monitoring and observation are Vistamatic® vision panels. These have an unobtrusive design that effortlessly lends itself to be used in a variety of architectural interiors. In many environments the need for security with visual control would be managed with the assistance of electronic technology. However, such measures are not without their problems, associated costs, maintenance fees, susceptibility to vandalism, obsolesce and the list goes on.

    Controlling an environment with cameras, monitors and recording equipment is effective and foolproof; however, there are a number of considerations that make this type of measure inappropriate and expensive.

    A far simpler way of tackling the issue of security with visual observation whilst maintaining the dignity of the individual can be achieved by using Vistamatic® Glazed Secure Vision Panels.

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    switchable privacy vision panels for commercial environments