• Glazed secure vision panels are typically seen within hospital environments. They provide discreet observation without disturbance – hence this architectural solution has totally changed what a door can deliver in terms of privacy and security. 

    In addition to the safety and security benefits that VISTAMATIC® glazed secure vision panels bring to schools and colleges, they also permit discreet observation of the classroom or the examination room where unannounced entry at inconvenient times could cause unnecessary disruption to pupils. Schools and teaching institutions are compelled to consider the general security of both staff and pupils and the monitoring of such environments by way of natural surveillance helps to eliminate both the risk and threat of crime.

    The feedback we receive from schools and colleges is that they are increasingly reliant on low-tech security products, such as vision panels, in order to guarantee that the general welfare of students, staff and visitors is taken into consideration.

    “The new facilities have really transformed the way that we work and the VISTAMATIC® Vision Panels have proved to be very beneficial in improving safety and security for staff and pupils” 

    Collin Stebbing
    Sir John Hunt Community College, Plymouth.
    Napier University Edinburgh.

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    Privacy glass for observation control

The installation of Vistamatic® vision panels can help establish and maintain a safe and secure environment in schools with an objective to reduce the opportunity for crime and anti social behaviour and reduce the fear of crime. Safety and security are essential to an environment, which allows quality teaching and learning.