Mental Health

  • Observing and monitoring the security and welfare of care users within mental healthcare environments is a difficult and exacting task, especially those deemed a medium or high secure unit.

    CCTV may be effective as an overall monitoring system for corridors, communal areas or environments but they offer a detached source of monitoring and can create a “Big Brother” atmosphere alienating care users.  Vistamatic® now manufacture a secure observation device designed specifically to be a viable alternative to CCTV by allowing discrete monitoring and interaction whilst minimising risk and maximising privacy within Mental Healthcare environments.

    A Vistamatic® Anti-ligature vision panel, designed specifically to provide both care users and service providers with an element of all round protection, can assist in the prevention of self harm or attempted suicides. In addition, and as with all Vistamatic® products, the panels are easy to operate, cost effective and simple to install.

    Totally silent in operation thanks to the patent pending Vistaglide™ IAS (Impact absorption system) the Anti-ligature vision panel ensures that care users remain undisturbed even when used as part of a cyclical monitoring routine. The new Vistamatic® Anti-Ligature vision panel offers a combination of high integrity glazing whilst incorporating a stainless steel frame and anti-ligature operating device specifically designed for use in medium and high secure units.

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The innovative design of the Vistamatic® Anti-ligature vision panel now means the tried and tested Vistamatic® observation system can be used throughout all tiers of Mental Healthcare environments without the potential to compromise the safety and well-being of users.

When specifying glazed secure vision panels always ensure that the Vistamatic® brand is specified by name, all Vistamatic® products are branded around the operating mechanism of the product and all Vistamatic® products carry a Lifetime* Warranty.