New BetweenGlassBlinds™ Brochure

Betweenglassblinds brochureWith two exhibitions coming up in May and June 2014 and our intgeral blinds now on show in over 20 showrooms across the the UK we have produced a new 8 page glossy BGB brochure with technical information, photos and colour charts to showcase the BGB magnetic and motorised integral blind systems.

The new brochures include details of our latest product offering; battery operated motorised integral blinds from Sunbell which allow users to enjoy the convenience of motorised/remote blind control without the hassle of hard-wiring.  In addition full details and photos are featured for our cordless magnetic system and the hard-wired motorised systems suitable for use in combination with a home-automation interface.

A pdf version of the brochure can be downloaded from our website –

– or call 020 8500 2200 to request a copy to be sent in the post.