• VISTAMATIC® Vision Panels are privacy vision panels made up of three sheets of glass sealed as a single panel with evenly spaced, alternating lines and a sleek handle to allow privacy or observation. 

    The standard make-up for our vision panels for privacy glass, consists of two outer sheets of 6mm toughened glass and 4mm annealed middle sheet of glass for a total thickness of 18mm; this allows for easy installation that does not require cutting or drilling.

    Below is the full VISTAMATIC® Product portfolio and some highlighted features.

  • Benefits of VISTAMATIC® Vision Panels

    • Maintenance-Free
    • Infection Control
    • Easy Installation – No cutting or drilling required
    • Manually Operated
    • Bespoke panels to best suit your needs
  • VISTAMax-privacy-glass.

    *Wood bead sold seperately

  • VISTA-Max

    With a large viewing aspect and full length alternating lines, the VISTA-Max™ is an ideal option for privacy control in doors and walls. Non-standard sizes are available to fit your needs.

    Features of the VISTA-Max™

    1. Ideal for doors and walls
    2. Variety of sizes available
    3. Bespoke panel

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  • Anti-Ligature

    The VISTAMATIC® Anti-Ligature Vision Panel offers a combination of high integrity glazing whilst incorporating a stainless steel frame and anti-ligature device specifically designed for challenging Mental Healthcare environments.

    Features of the Anti-Ligature Vision Panel

    1. Ideal Mental Health environments
    2. Manufactured with Stainless Steel frame
    3. Designed with anti-ligature operation

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  • Anti_Ligature-Privacy-Glass-Secure-Vision-Panel-for-Mental-Health-facilities.

  • Flush Fit-manually-operated-privacy-glass-for-vision-control-patient-privacy.

  • Flush-Fit

    Eliminating rebates and crevices the exclusive and unique VISTAMATIC® Flush-Fit Vision Panel fits smoothly within a door providing an easy to clean smooth surface area free of protrusions.

    Features of the Flush-Fit

    1. Eliminates rebates & crevices
    2. No frame required
    3. Infection control

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  • MAX-XL®

    The MAX-XL® is specifically designed for long and narrow openings. With an aesthetically pleasing design and ease of use handle location, the MAX-XL® is a great option for full length openings.

    Features of the MAX-XL®

    1. Larger viewing area
    2. Ease of use handle location
    3. Modern design
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  • VISTA-MaxXL-Secure-Vision-Panel

  • Vista-Slide-Vistamatic-privacy-glass-for-large-openings-in-doors-and-walls-manually-operated

  • VISTA-Slide

    The VISTA-Slide™ is specifically designed for larger scale viewing that operates by moving side-to-side (vertical lines) rather than up and down. The VISTA-Slide™ is available in a variety of sizes for optimal exposure and privacy control.

    Features of the VISTA-Slide

    1. Extra large viewing aspect
    2. Moves side to side
    3. Smooth transition from open to close
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  • SUREview

    The NEW SUREview anti-ligature vision panel from Vistamatic® offers a combination of high integrity glazing whilst incorporating a stainless steel frame and anti-ligature device specifically designed for challenging Mental Healthcare environments.

    Features of the SUREview Vision Panel

    1. Universal Lifeline Key
    2. Soft-close features
    3. Available in a range of finishes to match every doorset
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  • Lifeline key image

  • VistaPORT-peep-hole-port-privacy-glass-for-icu,-surgery-rooms,-ORs

  • VistaPORT®

    VistaPORT® has a unique design and functionality that serves to provide security observation control as well as a sleek and modern look. Measuring 400mm in diameter and 21mm thick, the VistaPORT® can fit in virtually any door or wall. The VistaPORT® is manufactured with a hollow metal framing.

    Features of the VistaPORT®

    1. Ideal for small openings
    2. 400mm in diameter
    3. Manufactured with hollow metal framing
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