• Whilst obscuring vision and offering privacy the sandblast effect on our standard panels does still allow light to travel through the panel whether in the open or closed position.

    Vistamatic Black Out vision panelThis is seen as a benefit in some environments but can also be seen as a disturbance in others, especially when the vision panels are used on a bedroom door and those inside are trying to get a good night’s sleep.

    In order to combat this problem we offer a ‘blackout’ panel where a black vinyl is used instead of sandblast.

    The viewing aspect remains the same when the panel is in the open position but when closed the panel offers the same privacy benefits with the added advantage of preventing any light from passing through.

    The blackout option is available throughout our range for a supplementary cost and has been used successfully in patient bedrooms, laboratories and photographic environments.

  • Black out effect

    Black out effect 2

*Please note: We cannot guarantee that this product will be 100% “blackout” due to manufacuring restrictions. Typical blackout levels of 97-98% will be achieved, subject to lighting conditions where the panel is situated.