• VISTA-MaxXL-Secure-Vision-Panel

  • MAX-XL®

    Specifically designed to offer a streamline appearance to any door requiring a full length panel and with all of the benefits expected of a Vistamatic®, the Max-XL™ dispenses with the need to install two individual panels vertically into a door blank.

    The Max-XL allows discreet observation through the upper area of the panel and is available in a variety of glass options.

    Design Registration No. 001277834 – 0002

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Benefits & Features

Installation Benefits

  • No cutting or drilling required
  • Easy to fit & install
  • Fits into any frame
  • Manually operated

Maintenance-Free Benefits

  • No special cleaning needed
  • Manually-operated
  • Lifetime warranty – over 300,000 turn test
  • Replaces a standard integral blind
  • No external components or wires
  • Infection Control
  • Hermetically sealed

Design Benefits

  • Ease of use handle location
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Variety of transparent, black-out, or bespoke glazing options
  • Artwork options to suit any theme or colour scheme
  • Chrome handles for a sleek appearance

Bespoke Options for the MAX-XL®

Glazing Options

  • Lead
  • Fire Rated
  • Bullet Resistant
  • Laminated
  • Toughened Glass
  • *Laser Polymer

For more detailed information please visit our Glass Integrity page.


  • Lever (as shown; available in two sizes)
  • *Ligature Free Knob
  • *Key Locking

For more detailed information please visit our Handle Options page.


  • Sandblast (as shown)
  • Vinyl (color options available)
  • Artwork (licensed or royalty-free)

For more detailed information please visit our Graphics and Colour Options page.


  • *Non-standard sizes available
  • Sizes from Height: 1100mm-1500mm | Width: 175mm-400mm

*restrictions may apply