Symphony Doorsets

SafehingeSymphony is an award-winning fully coordinated door safety system in which a suite of carefully selected components work together in perfect harmony.

Symphony DoorsetThe Symphony solution was made possible due to collaboration between the lead specifiers, Safehinge and other market-leaders in the field. The result is complete compatibility and robustness – and a series of best in class components that allow you to choose exactly how your door works. Plus our careful sourcing offers complete peace of mind for any Mental Health and Dementia project, with no more compromises on performance or aesthetics.

Symphony is a patented integrated system that is:

  • Non-institutional
  • Durable
  • Anti-ligature
  • Anti-barricade
  • Fire rated
  • Quick to fit

Designed with recovery in mind, it addresses every challenge of every modern Mental Health and Dementia environment, and offers a seamless example of best in class teamwork in action.

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Lifeline_movastopDelivering Excellence Together

The best solutions always require cooperation and teamwork. That’s why Symphony is the result of close collaboration with our fellow market-leaders in safe door products. And it’s also why we work just as closely with our trusted delivery partners. We always work closely with architects and clients to create our award-winning doorset specifications. So you can enjoy the best of both worlds – product design that’s best in class, manufactured by door experts with decades of experience.

Symphony BIM ready