Vistamatic enjoy another successful DIMH exhibition!

Attending for the fifth year in a row, Vistamatic were again exhibiting on stand 535 at the Design in Mental Health Exhibition held at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham.

All products on display were well received, including the Vistamatic Anti-Ligature Vision Panels incorporating artwork – Colour and individual bespoke graphics can make the world of difference to a project be they of a novel or commercial nature and can play a part in creating an exciting or calming influence within an environment.

We understand that a patient’s perception of internal perimeters is that of an obvious custodial boundary, something unmistakably institutional and a constant reminder that they are living in a secure environment. We realised that by adding art to our vision panels we could soften the physical appearance of the doors whilst significantly enhancing the internal patient environment.

Any image deemed appropriate can be used, be it specified by the healthcare provider, architect or end users themselves. If the latter option is selected it creates an opportunity to empower service users to take ownership of the building and indeed their internal environment.

“Vistamatic continue to be keen supporters of the concept to deliver therapeutic care which is empowering, person centred, needs-led, focused on promoting recovery and independence and enhancing the overall experience of patients, staff and visitors and will strive to continue updating and renewing its offering using its core principles of safety and privacy.”


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