Vistamatic Lifetime Warranty

Vistamatic Secure Glazed Vision Panels Lifetime Warranty

What sets us apart from the competition is Vistamatic can offer secure vision panels with a lifetime warranty against faulty manufacture as a result of the installation of its new integrated spindle cam mechanism (Patent pending No. PCT/GB2010/001871)

The mechanism was designed to the highest specification and is totally unique to the market. Both durable and robust, the integrated spindle cam mechanism takes secure vision panels to a new level in terms of smooth operation and reliability.

Considerable forethought and financial investment went into designing out the potential weaknesses inherent in non branded products. The new cam mechanism was developed to provide unrivalled quality panels that set the standards for others to imitate.

John Nerden, Managing Director of Vistamatic Ltd says;

“This is a monumental step forward in the design and technology of our secure vision panels and is also testament to our commitment to provide first class products”.

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