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Vistamatic is excited to announce a brand-new partnership with Patternpod. This alliance significantly expands Vistamatic’s creative and graphic portfolio, and will be primarily used for VistaStyle Architectural Glass and VistaArt Privacy Glass Solutions. Said Kevin Roth, Vistamatic CEO and Managing Partner: “Incorporating color and visuals into healthcare design has been...

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By: Vistamatic134 On: January 10, 2018 In: Latest News Comments: 4

“This year, Vistamatic Privacy Glass Solutions is delighted to announce that your orders will help the BRCA Foundation – a Charity that is very dear to my family’s heart. BRCA is a gene that is passed through families, and is only usually noticed when Cancer has formed. This Foundation...

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By: Vistamatic134 On: January 08, 2018 In: Latest News Comments: 9

Check out our Clarity smartglass being installed at Caprock Hospital. Our Clarity privacy glass is tested over 80,000 hrs, can be retro fitted and easily maintained. Clarity can be supplied to our clients in either single pane form or as a double glazed sealed unit. When double glazed, Clarity offers the benefits...

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By: Vistamatic134 On: January 03, 2018 In: Latest News Comments: 264

Happy New Year to all our fantastic customers from the Vistamatic Group As we enter in to a new and exciting year, we wanted to take the time to reflect on 2017: a truly amazing year for the Vistamatic Group of companies. Over 2017, we expanded our product portfolio...

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By: Vistamatic134 On: October 17, 2017 In: Latest News Comments: 75

Thanks to everyone that came out to see us at the #FHEA Trade Show today in Orlando. We made great new contacts and connected with friends and colleagues. We are delighted to introduce you to our brand new exhibition stand, along with amazing new products and services. Check us...

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With VistaStyle, Vistamatic crafts and creates an expansive array of creative visuals that can transform the aesthetics of an environment. Vistamatic’s highly skilled craftsman collaborate closely with healthcare partners creating standard stock imagery; original royalty-free or licensed artwork. It’s digital printing technology prints high-resolution images on to glass for...

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By: Vistamatic134 On: October 06, 2017 In: Latest News Comments: 202

Vistamatic is delighted to have partnered with Miami Valley Hospital South on a number of projects supplying Vista-Max privacy glass solutions. We recently supplied 20 Vista-Max vision panels, and we thank our friends and partners at the hospital for sending up pictures of our products in application. With a large viewing...

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By: Vistamatic134 On: September 26, 2017 In: Latest News Comments: 144

Breaking News: Vistamatic is delighted to announce that we will be launching a prototype of our brand-new privacy glass solution – eVista – at the annual FHEA trade show & Healthcare Design Conference soon! Come and see us!

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By: Vistamatic134 On: September 25, 2017 In: Latest News Comments: 4

Enjoy some images of VistaArt, VistaCloud and Hollow Metal Frames; hand crafted in the USA!

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By: Vistamatic134 On: September 19, 2017 In: Latest News Comments: 322

With the introduction of new machinery, Vistamatic is pro-active in improving production processes and, ultimately, price. For all of our customers, we are now offering reduced prices on Vistamatic Vision Panels, plus even deeper discounts for volume orders. For further information, contact us at ussales@Vistamatic.com or call at 1-866-466-9525.

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