VISTAMATIC® vision panels are renowned for simplicity, durability and refined aesthetics. The panels consist of three sheets of glass as an insulated unit, which are operated using the VISTAMATIC propriety lever mechanism. When the lever is turned, the inner sheet of glass rises to enable observation and, by turning the handle back, vision is obscured. All panels are fully customizable and come with a lifetime warranty.

The standard make-up for our vision panels for privacy glass, consists of two outer sheets of 1/4″ tempered glass and 5/32″ annealed middle sheet of glass for a total thickness of 11/16″; this allows for easy installation that does not require cutting or drilling.

Below is the full VISTAMATIC® Product portfolio and some highlighted features.

Benefits of VISTAMATIC® Vision Panels

  • Maintenance-Free
  • USA Made
  • Infection Control
  • 11/16″ Thick Overall (standard)
  • Easy Installation – No cutting or drilling required
  • Manually Operated
  • Customized to Your Needs


With our VistaArt vision panels, custom graphics can be applied to a project either novel or commercial – such as a logo or brand identity. We can create and develop a choice of creative visuals that can transform the aesthetics of an environment whilst maintaining the privacy and observation controls of our vision panel.

Features of VistaArt

  • Ideal for doors and walls
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Highly customizable


VistaCloud is an ideal option for privacy and observation control in doors and walls that require an additional level of design. Customized sizes (up to 40″ X 40″) are available to fit your needs.

Features of the VistaCloud

  • Ideal for doors and walls
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Highly customizable



Clarity is a beautiful product that allows privacy and discrete observation, whilst maintaining a stylish and contemporary feel.

Features of Clarity

  • Superior Light Transmittance
  • Low Haze in off-axis viewing angle
  • High UV protection
  • Flexible production sizes
  • Single Glazed Laminate glass panels or Double Glazed Sealed Units


With a large viewing aspect and full length alternating lines, the VISTA-Max™ is an ideal option for privacy control in doors and walls. Customized sizes (up to 40″ X 40″) are available to fit your needs.

Features of the VISTA-Max™

  • Ideal for doors and walls
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Highly customizable
VISTA-Max™ Privacy Glass


Combining the versatility of the VISTA-Max™, the VISTA-Max™ NOTE adds a note taking functionality to be used with dry erase markers. Designed to replace a standard hospital patient white board while enhancing patient privacy.

Features of the VISTA-Max™ NOTE

  • Ideal for doors and walls
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Titles are completely customizable


The SuperMax™ is specifically designed for large openings exceeding 40″ X 40″ in doors and walls. With two, uniquely operated Vision Panels sealed as a single unit, the SuperMax™ gives an aesthetically pleasing design as well as dual privacy controls.

Features of the SuperMax™

  • Two independent controls
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Ideal for walls


The MAX-XL® is specifically designed for long and narrow openings. With an aesthetically pleasing design and ease of use handle location, the MAX-XL® is a great option for full length openings.

Features of the MAX-XL®

  • Ideal for doors and walls
  • Ease of use handle location
  • Modern design


The VISTA-Slide™ is specifically designed for larger scale viewing that operates by moving side-to-side (vertical lines) rather than up and down. The VISTA-Slide™ is available in a variety of sizes for optimal exposure and privacy control.

Features of the VISTA-Slide™

  • Extra large viewing aspect
  • Moves side to side
  • Smooth transition from open to close


VistaPORT® has a unique design and functionality that serves to provide security observation control as well as a sleek and modern look. Measuring 15 3/4″ in diameter and 13/16″ thick, the VistaPORT® can fit in virtually any door or wall. The VistaPORT® is manufactured with a hollow metal framing.

Features of the VistaPORT®

  • Ideal for small openings
  • 15 3/4″ in diameter
  • Manufactured with hollow metal framing

Decorative Glass

Vistamatic has built a world class reputation over the last 40 years for its quality of products and customer service and now we are pleased to add our Decorative Glass to the range of offerings.

Imagine Glass, then imagine what you would like on it and request, it really is that simple.