About VistaArt

Science has proven that color can play a part in creating an exciting or calming influence within an environment, and that’s why we introduced VistaArt. In facilities treating mental health and dementia patients in particular, it assists them both therapeutically, due to the calming nature of art, and also physically since, just finding their bedroom when faced with a number of doors can be confusing. By applying artwork to the door is a crucial for finding the door.

With our VistaArt vision panels, custom graphics can be applied to a project either novel or commercial – such as a logo or brand identity. We can create and develop a choice of creative visuals that can transform the aesthetics of an environment whilst maintaining the privacy and observation controls of our vision panel.

Benefits & Features

Installation Benefits

No cutting or drilling required
Easy to fit & install
Faster ROI
Fits into any frame
Standard is only 11/16″ thick
Thinnest ‘blind’ in the market
Manually operated

Maintenance-Free Benefits

No special cleaning needed
Lifetime warranty – over 300,000 turn test
Replaces a standard integral blind
No external components or wires
Infection Control
Hermetically sealed

Design Benefits

USA Made
Virtually silent from open to close
Aesthetically pleasing
Variety of transparent, ‘black-out’ or custom artwork options
Artwork options to fit any theme
Chrome handles for a sleek appearance

Customization Options for the VistaArt

Glazing/Glass Options

  • Lead
  • Fire Rated
  • *Polycarbonate
  • Bullet Resistant
  • Laminated
  • Tempered Glass
  • *Laser Polymer
*restrictions may apply


  • Lever (as shown)
  • *Ligature Free Knob
  • *Polycarbonate
  • *Key Locking
  • Slim Line
*restrictions may apply


  • Sandblast (as shown)
  • Vinyl (color options available)
  • Artwork (licensed or royalty-free)
*restrictions may apply


  • Customized sizes available
  • *Maximum size is 40″ X 40″
*restrictions may apply

VistaArt Applications